The Session serves as the governing body of the church and is made up of 9 elders elected by the Congregation. An Elder is called to be a spiritual leader of the church whose primary concern is trying to discern what God seeks for the church. Each Elder serves a term of three years.  The Session is further broken down into three teams of 3 Elders each assisted in their duties by at-large (members and friends of the congregation) members. The teams are defined below:

Home Ministry


         Elders:                                                                     At- Large Members: 

                    Mark Orleski, Chair                                                                     Phyllis Smith

                    Alicia DeHoff                                                                               Gary Michaliga  

                    Susan Nunamaker                                                                         Doyle Waybright
                                                                                                                          Jeff Kann

                                                                                                                          Jim Benner

                                                                                                                          Carlos Wampler
                                                                                                                          Jim Richardson        

Team Description: This team provides for the care of the church-owned buildings and surrounding property.  The responsibilities include:

  • buildings and grounds maintenance and usage;
  • capital improvements;
  • property sales and purchases; 
  • church equipment;
  • cemetery;
  • serve as corporation officers of president, vice president and secretary/ treasurer. 

Spiritual Life Team:  


        Elders:                                                                         At-Large Members: 

                   Dick Belenski, chair                                                                        Sara Wade

                   Cathy Michaliga                                                                              Judy Williams

                    Bev Benner                                                                                     Stephanie Kann 
                                                                                                                            Sue Welsh, Deacon


Team Description: This team provides opportunities for members and friends to grow spiritually through the following programs, activities and ministries: 

  • Worship services; sacraments; sanctuary flowers and decorations; 
  • Music program to include chancel and hand bell choirs.
  • Congregation fellowship; newsletter; website
  • Christian education
  • Youth programs
  • Nursery supervision
  • Board of Deacons
  • Retreats

Interpretation and Stewardship Team:


       Elders:                                                      At-Large Members: 

                  Isaac Bucher, chair                                                        Lauren Neely

                  Mike Orleski                                                                  Karen Golden

                  Robert Muchow                                                             Denise Lockwood, Clerk of Session

                                                                                                         Sandy Buhrman, Mission Advocate

                                                                                                         Catherine Orleski,  COF Treasurer

                                                                                                         Tim Myers, MOM Treasurer

                                                                                                         Barbara Schwartz, Financial Secretary    

                                                                                                         Phyllis Smith,  Endowment Officer

Team Description: This team provides and challenges the church with responsible Christian stewardship of money, time and talents. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Annual stewardship drive
  • Oversight of finances and financial officers
  • Mission advocacy
  • Annual budgets for the Church Operating Fund and the Mission Opportunities/Mission Fund
  • Memorial Endowment Funds and Investments
  • Per Capita Apportionment
  • Annual financial reports to congregation

Board of Deacons

The office of deacon as stated in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. The Board of Deacons is made up of nine deacons elected by the congregation for a three-year term. 


       Lori Jackson, moderator                                                  Jennifer Waybright

       Sue Welsh                                                                        Pat Diehl

       Doris Wampler                                                                 Nadja Muchow

       Janet Hartman                                                                  Christa Williams

       Lenorah Williams

The many responsibilities and duties of the deacons are:

Care and Compassion:

  • Casserole ministry
  • Home bound visitation
  • Greeting card ministry: get well, condolences, birth remembrances
  • Emergency prayer circle


  • ​Worship Ushers/Greeters               
  • Memorial Service/Receptions
  • Communion preparation & clean up
  • Serving at Gettysburg Soup Kitchen
  • Emergency transportation list
  • Food collection for the Fairfield Food Pantry
  • Maintenance of altar candles, children's activity bags and pew cards
  • Children's activity bags
  • Coffee hour chart
  • Baptism preparation
  • Winter coat collection
  • Visitor bags


  • Nominating Committee representative
  • Spiritual Life Team representative
  • Kitchen monitor


Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church

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