Upcoming Fundraisers

Ongoing Fundraisers 

Winter Coat Drive for the Homeless

​     It's getting cold outside! Please bring clean winter coats to the box in the hallway of the education building. 

Aero Energy - Can You Help? 

     Are you a propane or oil customer with Aero Energy? If you are, please sign up for the House of Worship Program. For every gallon of propane or oil you purchase, LMCPC receives $0.03. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the narthex. What a simple way to make some money for the church! Last year we received $186.24 from Aero Energy through this program. Thank you!


Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church

1865 Knoxlyn Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church

1865 Knoxlyn Road    *    Gettysburg, PA 17325    *    (717) 642-5332

​​Completed Fundraisers 

Fudge Fundraiser for Children's Playground

The fudge fundraiser (from Mr. Ed's delicious fudge) yielded $2100.00 toward the Children's Playground.  The children (and parents) of Lower Marsh Creek would like to extend a gigantic thank you for you support!  

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction Fund Raiser earned $1,245 for support of the Marriage Retreat, which will be held in January 2019.  Thank you, thank you, to all who donated beautiful hand made goods.  And thanks also to all the winning bidders.  This truly exceeded our expectations!

Chicken BBQ

Netted over $750 to help defray costs of repairs to the air conditioning units. Home Ministry Team thanks all who spent their time and energy to support this cause.  

Hurricane Relief Throw Blankets

Janet Hartman would like to thank those who made lap throws, for their time and talent. Between the LMCPC and Stitch ‘n Peace, she was able to collect 22 lap throws for hurricane victims. Your kindness is much appreciated!

LAJ Tours  Totem Pole Playhouse

    A big thanks to LAJ tours and everyone who participated in the Totem Pole Fundraiser. Thanks to all your generosity, we cleared $828 for the marriage retreat!

Tommy's Pizza Fundraiser - $105.00 received

     Thank you to all who participated in our "Tommy's Pizza" fundraiser. Proceeds of $105.00 will be used toward the 2017 Marriage Retreat.

​     A big thank you to the participants of our recent Paint-a-long night. This fun fundraiser held in the Fellowship Hall raised $388 for the benefit of the LMCPC 2018 Marriage Retreat.