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Burial Record
Lower Marsh Creek
Presbyterian Church
This is a record of the names of the persons buried in the Old Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery and the location of their last resting place within this historical burial ground. We believe that this listing will be of personal interest to the countless descendants and friends of more than 600 persons laid to rest in this "Hallowed Ground" dating from the beginning of the 18th Century.

Many inquiries and requests for information have been received from descendants and friends in many parts of the United States, who wish to know the location of their ancestors' graves, and also desire to provide continuous care for their last restings places. By dividing the cemetery into size areas on paper, listing as A to F inclusive which are almost equal in size and shape, and by listing the graves in each area by number according to their location in the area, it should now be a relatively easy task to find any grave for which the name is known

Unfortunately a few graves have no names or are unmarked. during the depression of the 1930's some work was done by the Federal Government in this cemetery, when a few markers such as footstones were removed probably because they had fallen over or were pulled out of the ground and it was impossible to replace them in their proper location. This, however, does not affect the basic purpose of providing a helpful means of locating a particular grave or graves whose position may be desired by descendants and friends.

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